Graphics Firesale Review

What is Graphics Firesale

Recently I have been hearing a lot of buzz about the Graphics Firesale. Eric Holmlund and Naveed Peerzadeare the men behind this new collaboration. Graphics Firesale has been marketed as the best graphics Software Programs. This is not a bunch of old PLR or resale rights graphics. This is 100% new material, created from scratch. The quality is better than any graphics packages you’ve seen in the past and with full source code and no restrictions. So if you are new to the Internet marketing game, how do you know if this is a scam or not?

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Who is the guy behind Graphics Firesale

Well, it is always a good idea before buying a product to find out who is behind the product and what all the hype is about on the product. For instance, no one goes out and buys things without doing a little research, researching the price and etc. The same principle should be followed when buying products on-line. No one likes to waste his or her money for nothing, right?

Eric Holmlund has been a successful marketer since 2003 when he took one his loves, the “internet” full time. With his loyal customer’s base he has been helping them succeed with their own businesses and with the help of his own website “Eric’s Tips” website. Eric’s specialty is in marketing including affiliate marketing, copywriting, joint ventures, and product launches.

Naveed Peerzadeare, after being a professional graphics developer, he began in web marketing starting a simple connection in Warrior Forum in 2007.

Naveed Peerzade is an owner of the “WebArtistClub” membership site, helping thousands of Internet newbies and marketers to become Professional Internet Business Owner in days, which could take years otherwise. Get his 10 Part FREE e-Course on the hands-free Secret method of generating a truly reliable Home-Based Internet income at

Naveed stands among some of the best names in the Internet industry and is regarded as someone of good knowledge and expertise.

Should I get Graphics Firesale, why?

First, Is because of the reputation

The first thing you want to do is find out about the person(s) who is selling the product. Is their name familiar, do they have a track record with what they are selling? How long have they been doing this? The offer that is being presented does it show value for money? What kind of guarantee is given?

With all the research that I have done, it is money well spent; when you consider the time it takes to put the materials together. Eric Holmlund and Naveed Peerzade have been in the Internet business a long time and have been very successful in their own right and as anyone knows, it takes a long time to build a business and reputation. Reputation is everything when promoting products on-line. If you don’t have a good reputation then you are usually not around for long. They give a money back guarantee with their offer so it is risk free to try it.

Second, Is because of reasonable price range

Graphics Firesale will be selling at the lowest price that is $17. You know, this really an awesome deal.

But… there is still upsell behind

The OTO is $97, and includes some advance upgrades, and with full PLR/Resale Rights for the front end package, along with a killer turn-key sales page and download page for resellers. It’s going to be an extremely compelling package.

I’ll let you in on one of the cool upgrades – Naveed has created 3D ecover graphics that can be customized in Photoshop WITHOUT action scripts! I am very excited about those!

You receive your own sales site, sales letters, graphics and PSD source files, allowing you to give it your own personal touch or sell as is!! The Graphics Firesale helps you get ahead of the game because of the pre-written material that is given.

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The Graphics Firesale Coming Soon!

The Graphics Firesale.NET is a brand new site about Eric Holmlund and Naveed Peerzade’ December launch.

This site will be focused on that launch and detailing our insider review for it. Eric Holmlund is a tremendously successful affiliate marketer and Naveed Peerzade is one of the top graphic designers (in my opinion the best) in the industry.

This Graphics Firesale site will be dedicated to detailing EXACTLY what’s going on with this upcoming product launch because there will be a lot of information swirling around about it and many people will be looking for answers.

I’ve learned personally from Eric Holmlund behind the scenes of several successful Firesale affiliate websites, and I’ll be sharing some of the review of graphics firesale that I’ve gained to help folks decide whether Graphics Firesale will be right for them.

Of course I can’t 100% guarantee the The Graphics Firesale will be the best move for you to make, but I can at least help clarify what’s going on and help you make a great choice.

In the meantime, you can join me in the sidebar and get a FREE bonus valued at over $100 which includes a Ebooks that can help drive your sales to new, higher levels and together with the bonuses giving out by Eric in this launch!

We’ll be back with more details soon!

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